Prime Time Adventures

Charter Fishing in Panama

For discerning anglers the pursuit of world-class trophy gamefish is the ultimate thrill. No other moment can compare to the instant a giant marlin or tuna crashes a bait mere yards behind the boat. To be there first hand when the black shadow materializes below the boat and transforms into a trophy gamefish is a definitive moment for any angler. There are certain big-game fishing locations where underwater structure, prevailing currents, and abundance of baitfish combine to create a veritable year-round feeding ground for pelagic fish. In these areas conditions tempt and hold a myriad of gamefish that establish a layered food chain that leads to one inevitable end – giant marlin and tuna.

The Chiriqui region of Panama offers perhaps the finest examples of these favourable conditions within the entire Pacific. The Hannibal Bank, Isla Coiba, Montuosa, Jicarita, and Ladrones are world renown for their diverse fishery, offering everything from inshore fly and light tackle angling to offshore trophy gamefishing. Prime Time Adventures offers the most comprehensive fishing itineraries available to ardent travelers interested in sampling the diversity and abundance of these truly spectacular regions.

Visit us in Panama and discover a whole new world of adventure just a little further south of the border.