Prime Time Adventures

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Captain Josh Temple

Hi Ho…Hi Ho…It’s Off To Barra We Go!


Alright guys we are locked and loaded on the Maximo and ready to GO! We are taking off in the morning for Barra de Navidad for 3 – 4 days in search of the elusive marlin that are rumored to be lurking down there. Hopefully we score! Not sure what our coms are going to be like down there so i’ll…

A Lifetime In Two Weeks


When I left for Cabo two weeks ago the world, at least as I knew it, was in somewhat of a predictable order. Turmoil overseas didn’t really register on my radar, none of my friends had been to prison recently, and people certainly weren’t kicking in my door at four o’clock in the morning screaming…

We’re Back!


Just got back from another excellent trip to the islands (stay tuned for full report) and wanted to let everyone know that the tsunami didn’t get us! Have a bit of a family emergency that popped up so i’ll be in and out of touch over the next few days but I’ll try to get a report up tomorrow.