Prime Time Adventures

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Captain Josh Temple

Tofino Salmon Fishing At It’s Best!!!


Well the last few days since i blew up my motor have been hectic. Thankfully they had another F225X in stock and i was only down for around 24 hrs. The Hooked On Miracles tournament this past weekend was awesome – thanks very much to Carmen and Allen for inviting me to fish it!!! 20 anglers…

Voyages De Peche!!!


Our first Rev full-feature just hit the stands in Europe! I better start brushing up on my french, german, and italian in a HURRY. Looks like an avalanche of Europeans for this coming season!!!

Barnes, you made the COVER!!!!

Outstanding Start To Our Panama Fishing


It’s hard to imagine that after all of the time I have spent chasing big fish around this side of the Pacific, that after all of the countless, unbelievable moments we have borne witness to during this time, that I can still find magic and excitement in each and every day of fishing after all of…