Prime Time Adventures

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Captain Josh Temple

47 Pounds Of Pleasure!!!


Well i’ve been hunting for this particular fish all season, it was sure nice to go out there solo on a short morning off and catch him and his brothers and sisters for myself!!!!

47 pound personal Tyee baby, I haven’t caught a salmon like that for myself in a long, long time!!!

Here’s some…

Steelhead and Salmon Pics & Update


Absolutely swamped still up here in Tofino kids, no time for storytelling but i’ll get something up in the next few days – maybe!

For now here’s some pics to whet yer appetite!!!! The Dean River trip was off the charts insane, and the bite here in Tofino continues to solidify the fact that we…



I’m still alive folks, just buried in charters and a non-stop fishing schedule. I have a day off sometime next week i think, so hopefully i can get a report up from the Dean, Tofino, and whatever else we have going on between now and then!!!!

Stay with me, i’ll be back with the good soon!

Wide-Open Salmon Fishing Tofino, BC


Guess who’s back…back again…

Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back…

Da na na naaaaa na, da na na naaaaaaa na…

Well our old friend Dylan popped up for a visit last weekend to help us collect our winnings from the NHL tournament and give the massive schools of chinooks…