Prime Time Adventures

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Captain Josh Temple

Tofino Family Fun!!!


We did some great trips with the kids in the past few days to wrap up my Tofino summer season. Whale watching, surfing, a little jigging thrown in. Oh and some SUPing with the local critters!

Gotta go catch a plane now. And off to see the giant bluefin tuna wizard we go…!!!

Anyhow In Action!


Thanks to Dylan Shore for the great pic of the ol’ Grady in action! Anchored up halibut fishing and catching kings on the mooching rod while we wait for halibut bites. LIFE IS TOUGH ON THE GRADY!!!!

Float Plane Adventures!


Took the kids up to a remote lake yesterday via floatplane with a canoe strapped to the floats. Fished the lake for a bit then canoed all the way down the river into the ocean, pretty epic day of fun and sun with the kido’s.