Prime Time Adventures

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Captain Josh Temple

Back East…


Alright sportsfans, i’ve braved the inclement weather of the west coast for the last week visiting friends and family, traveled for two days from Tofino alllll the way back to Nova Scotia (with a quick stop in Vancouver to load up on flies at my boy Jay’s shop Pacific Angler), and am now ready for…

Shhhhh…I’ve Got A Secret!!!


Terribly sorry for the lack of reports and content on here lately from yours truly amigos, but when you see what i’ve been up to you are all going to understand!!! I have some very exciting news that we are finalizing this week and will make public in the very near future. So please don’t think i…

Nova Scotia….


Over a month of action and still going strong. Weather is starting to get chitty, but the fishing is still on FIRE. I may never leave………..

Here’s a quick sample of some of the pics. I’m just in too much of a state of shock and awe to really sit down and go through the cache of photos and…



OK i’m back!!! Had to jam down to Palm Beach, FL earlier in the week to inspect a 65 Jim Smith that we may be putting into Panama and Mexico for this season!!! I woke up in Nova Scotia this morning so that must mean it’s time to go fishing again. MAN I’M FIRED UP!!!

Here’s a few quick pics from…