Prime Time Adventures

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Captain Josh Temple

Cockadoodle Doooooooo


There’s something in the air in Puerto Vallarta this season amigos. As if the marlin and tuna action weren’t enough, the roosters are eating the paint off the boat too!!! Lora had over 30 rooster releases on bait and poppers three days ago, and while we didn’t get to 30 yesterday we sure did some…

New Orleans & Venice – GET READY!!!


Well i feel a certain responsibility to give the good people, fish, and bartenders of New Orleans and Venice fair warning and plenty of time to hide the barn animals before i show up.

Thanks to my amigo Jared, and a certain NBA lock-out this season, I’ll be meeting the boys in New Orleans on…

PEI & Nova Scotia Giant Bluefin 2012


Still working on tweaking some pics, content, and whatnot but we are officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS for our 2012 Giant Bluefin season. As most of you know, this fishery is not to be missed and as it is an extremely…