Prime Time Adventures

Giant Bluefin Tuna Charter Fishing in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Nova Scotia, Canada offer the worlds best big game fishing for giant bluefin tuna!  Experience the ultimate thrill as anglers hand-feed 800 – 1,400 pound giant tunas at the side of the boat!!!

The past few seasons have seen the return of massive schools of giant bluefin tuna to the fishing grounds a short 1 – 10 mile run from our locations in PEI and Nova Scotia.  The 2011 season proved to be one of the best ever recorded and Prime Time Adventures was there to help our anglers and clients land countless “grander-sized” tuna day after day.  There is nothing like the sight of dozens of 1,000 pound-class fish erupting on kite baits and chum mere feet from the boat, to be there first hand when a tuna as big as a car erupts on your hook-bait and takes off for the horizon is something that needs to be experienced to truly believe!

Prime Time Adventures is pleased to provide our anglers with the ultimate big game fishing experience with a brand new state of the art charter fleet and crews with unparalleled experience in this world class fishery.  We provide all-inclusive fishing packages from 3 – 7 days, beautiful ocean-view accommodations, first class service, and the guarantee that you will leave this trip with a new appreciation for what big game fishing is all about!!!Please email us today to reserve your spot for the upcoming season, and make sure to ask us about our “kill-tag” program for anglers wishing to apply for one of our very limited retention licenses.  Dates are extremely limited, don’t wait too long to email or call!!!!