Prime Time Adventures

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Captain Josh Temple

Back in the mid 90s, I first fished with Josh Temple before he’d taken the world of big-game fishing by storm when he  was the fishmaster at a small resort tucked into a protected slot in northernmost British Columbia. Even then, I recognized exceptional talent in a young captain who, it turned out, would soon be going on to bigger, more exciting venues. In the ensuing years, we kept in touch and, in 2002, I traveled to Puerto Vallarta where Temple had begun exploring the area’s potential for its billfish, tuna and other pelagic species. Though there were at least some charter operations established in PV at the time, in the years they’d been there none had been as successful as Temple; in a few years—boosted by his first major feature focusing on that fishery, in Sport Fishing magazine—he’s almost single-handedly turned PV into one of the premier destinations anywhere in the world for huge yellowfin (many 200 to 300 pounds and some well over that) and marlin—stripes, blues and particularly blacks. Combining careful attention to basics with an unceasing in trying new areas and methods, Temple’s become one of the hot skippers in the world today. Despite it all, so far Temple’s remained a funny, irreverent, easygoing dude without the arrogant self-importance that, for some captains, accompanies international recognition.

Doug Olander
Sportfishing Magazine